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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
We did everything well today: Nataphorn

Peru captain Chihuan speaking in the press conference

Thailand Coach Srisamutnak Nataphorn
I'm so happy with this result. I didn't expect to win 3-0 today. I'm also happy because the team performed all their skills well. For example, if you look at the blocking statistics, we were superior today. It's a big improvement from before. As for the Poland game tomorrow, I didn't really expect too much because Poland has already beaten strong teams, so that means they are strong, but if we play as well as we did today, I think we have a chance.

Thailand Captain Wilavan Apinyapong
I'm so glad we could get the win today. We decreased the number of errors we committed and that's why everything seems to be perfect today. We could play at our best.
(Importance of setter Tomkom to your team) -- She can play very well and she did that today, but she has to maintain that performance as sometimes her form drops. If she can play like she did today every time, the team would really benefit.
(Comment on your target of winning three matches) -- Yes, we set that as a target without having information on the other teams. But after playing games in this World Cup, we realize that the other teams are pretty strong. But we still expect to have a chance to win tomorrow (against Poland) and I hope we can get the victory.


Peru Coach Enio De Figueiredo
I am disappointed in the result of the game. We couldn't do as well as we expected. We prepared fully for this and actually the team has improved in the World Cup, but we had poor communication among the players. Volleyball requires preparation and practice and communication among the players, and these are our challenges for the future.
(You said players have improved - in what way?) -- I said the team had gotten better, but they haven't improved as much as I had expected. I expected them to reach a certain level from playing in this World Cup and they haven't done that. The combination between the setter and the attackers saw communication problems, so we really haven't done as expected.

Peru Captain Leyla Chihuan
We must continue to practice and keep our motivation. We have to improve many things. We couldn't prepare enough for this World Cup. I think we need to revitalize ourselves. Our setter La Rosa is the core of the team and she must improve more than the others. I think we must restart as a team.