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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Need setter to improve, Dominican coach says

The coaches and team captains after the match

Dominica Republic Coach Beato Miguel Cruz
Today, this win really helps us to reaching our goal (finishing in ninth place). we've been slow in moving toward this goal, but this win helps us. Tomorrow, the match against Peru is very important. Today, I am satisfied, but not 100%. I was not happy with our setter today and so we couldn't keep our rhythm or play to our system. Tomorrow will be a tough match and we must win. If the setter cannot improve, it will be a really tough match.
(Tomorrow you will play Peru, against whom you lost in five sets in the PanAmerican Games; what do you think about tomorrow's game?) -- It's going to be a really tough game, but as coach, I expect a good performance from our setter. If she can keep our strategy, we have a chance to win. If she is stable, as she was against Cuba, we have a chance to win. Everything depends on our setter. She is very young, but we expect her to perform tomorrow. We still have bitter memories of the PanAmerican Games match. Our main attacker was injured and the result was terrible; it's still fresh in our memories. But then, our setter had no problems, so that's why the setter is very important for the upcoming game.

Dominica Republic Captain Cosiri Rodriguez
Against Kenya today, we played well. Our motivation and power were good. Kenya have improved a lot so we prepared well for this match. I think we played well and our defense and blocking were better. Kenya has strong spikers and we did well against their attack. We also tried to reduce the number of mistakes we made.


Kenya Coach Sammy Kirongo
During yesterday's match against Thailand, the players were hoping things would go well, but unfortunately we lost. That was still in their minds today so some of my players were tired and a bit slow in various departments. The Dominican Republic is a good team with very good attacks and blockers. They played well and we tried to give them what we could. In the second and third sets, we had the lead but our reception didn't do well. We gave them the ball and they attacked. It continued like that and it was a tough match.
(How can you improve Kenya team?) -- For our team to do well, we must enter tournaments or meet top teams or clubs so we can improve our team performance and visit countries where volleyball has a long history. That is what I will ask our federation. Secondly, we must bring young players into the team and teach them the basics of volleyball. It will be tough but we are aiming to raise the standard of the country for the World Cup in 2011.
(Re. South Korea match) -- It will be a tough match and we must improve our receiving, blocking and serving so we can take one or two sets or win. From what I know, the Koreans are tall and very good in serving, so it will be tough, but we will fight and ensure that our points are higher.
(What have you learned from the tournament?) -- We've had 10 matches already and we've learned that in the World Cup height is vital; we must have tall players. Also, we must meet different teams to know their style of play. And it is good if a country has professional players away from home, so that when you call the players together, it won't take time and will be easy to coach them. Also, if you don't have resources or companies supporting your teams, they close down. Another thing here is that the coaches share ideas from all over the world so that some are not left behind.

Kenya Captain Catherine Wanjiru
Even though we are losing, we are still learning something from this competition. Why do we sometimes lose when it looks like we might win a set? I think we lose concentration sometimes.
(What did you learn and how will you approach your final game?) -- We learned a lot. We must improve our speed, reception and net defense. Tomorrow, we are going to try and see whether we can improve our scores and try to get at least 20 points or over.