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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
We couldn't compete due to setter problems: Rodriguez

Dominican Captain speaking in the press conference

Poland Coach Mauro Masacci
I'm pretty happy with the match today. The players followed the coaches' instructions and performed what they had practiced. We want to keep this going.
(Re. change from former coach) -- Nothing has changed despite the change of coach. Against Japan we had a good game, while against Serbia I think we had good luck. This is the team that the former coach made and we'd like to stay in good condition and play well.
(Re. easy game and help in points advantage) -- I think we have a decent enough points differential. We've got good players and they know that winning with a greater points difference is important. But to get to a higher position the important thing is for the teams above us to stop winning. So we want to study what we can about that after dinner.
(Re using Anna Podolec) -- We have many good players and she is one of them, but we can only use six players and must decide who will play. Tomorrow, we will play against a strong Korean team who can jump high. As Podolec is tall, we might use her; we must think about it. But her lack of playing time has nothing to do with her shoulder operation of two years ago.
She was selected as a national team player, so that tells you she must be in good condition and there is no problem about using her. We usually expect to have some problems with high-level players, but with her there are no problems.

Poland Captain Milena Rosner
Today, I thought our blocks and serves were good, but we were also expecting more from the Dominicans today. But the match was good. I think all the teams in this tournament are tired.
(Re. Korea game tomorrow and different style) -- We've just finished a game and will think about the Korean team tomorrow. It will be different but I think similar to Japan team. They play very fast and we must be good in our blocking and defense, of course.


Dominican Republic Coach Beato Miguel Cruz
The game against Poland was difficult because the Poles play at a high level and they are also very tall, so blocking was very difficult. Also, the setter didn't do so well -- she had particular problems with direction -- and that was the main reason for today's loss. She was poorer than in Kumamoto and we're finding it difficult to keep up the level of setting.
Because the setter is not performing well, the motivation of the attackers is also declining, so as a team, we are facing a difficult situation. 
(Re. setter not doing so well -- why?) -- This year has been a difficult year because our regular setter Gonzalez didn't come here and so we have been using younger setters instead, but they don't have the patience that good setters should have. So we change the setters often during the matches and it makes it difficult to concentrate on the games. We're trying to balance these players and that's very difficult.

Dominican Republic Captain Cosiri Rodriguez
Today, we wanted to fight but we were unable to do anything because our setter didn't play well and the Poland team played very well, with great serving and blocking. We just couldn't compete today and must improve for our remaining games.