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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Cuban serve made the difference

Nagoya, Japan, November 14, 2007: Comments from the official FIVB press conference following the Japan-Cuba game on Wednesday.
Head Coach Antonio Perdomo: We had a really tough three sets. In the second set our service was so effective as to stop the Japanese combination attacks. In the first set my impression was that the Japanese service was good, and I could tolerate our errors in service as long as we could handle the difficult service of Japan.
Captain Yumilka Ruiz: I think both teams showed excellent ability. We kept our fighting spirit high during the game. That is why we won the game. I think especially our service was effective.
Head Coach Shoichi Yanagimoto: We started well, but in some points we should have played better, especially in the second set. With a little more precise passing we could have overcome them. In terms of the service, our strategy was to target the corner of the Cuban court in order to prevent their strong spikes.
Captain Yoshie Takeshita: I think we made a good start until we lost our style in the fourth set. All we can do is do our best in the remaining two games.
Megumi Kurihara: We should have got a point in the second set. I feel responsible that I did not live up to the expectations. In terms of soft-touch attack, I should not have relied on that tactic so often tonight.