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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
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South Korea cruise by Peru

South Korea's Bae Yoo Na spikes past Carla Tristan of Peru.

Komaki, Japan, November 14, 2007 -- After losing their last three matches to three strong teams (Brazil, Cuba, the United States), South Korea got back on the winning track in the World Cup to overcome Peru 25-17, 26-24, 25-20 at Komaki Park Arena on Wednesday.
The Koreans now have three wins against six losses, while Peru fell to 1-8.
Seventeen-year-old Bae Yu Na was the top scorer for South Korea with 12 points, while Kim Yeon Koung and Han Yoo Mi both had 11.
Moy Milagros scored 12 points for Peru and captain Leyla Chihuan added 11.
The two teams started out evenly with South Korea's Kim Yeon Koung finding her spiking range early on and Peru's big hitter Moy also firing down some big spikes, but it was the Koreans who edged ahead at the first technical timeout. Chihuan then landed three big spikes as Peru fought back to 11-11. The Peruvians edged ahead after two Korean errors, but following a Korean timeout, Moy slammed a serve long, Bae Yoo Na blocked Chihuan and also delivered a spike and the Koreans were back in front. Han Yoo Mi came up with a big block on Chihuan and then secured setpoint with a good spike before Kim Se Young clinched the set with a great block on Chihuan.
There was little to choose between the two teams in the early stages of the second set. Jung Dae Young, Kim Se Young and Kim Yeon Koung  came up with big shots for South Korea while Yulissa Zamudio and Carla Tristan responded for Peru. Zamudio also came up with a huge block on Kim Yeon Koung, but it was a service ace by the South Korean that put the Koreans one point up at the first TTO. A mammoth spike by Jung was followed by an equally impressive block on Mirtha Uribe by the same player. Two good spikes by Bae pushed the Koreans ahead, but a big spike by Tristan and a service ace by Chihuan kept the Peruvians in the game. Zamudio then came up with three huge blocks (two on Kim Yeon Koung and an absolute stunner on Han Song Yi) and Zoyla La Rosa made a brilliant tipover that put Peru in the driving seat. Uribe spiked well before blocking South Korean captain Kim Sa Nee and the Peruvians found themselves five points ahead at 20-15. But three Peru errors and spikes by Bae and Jung saw the two teams level at 21-21 before a miss by Uribe  and a block by Han Yoo Mi on Chihuan put the Koreans two points ahead. Back came the Peruvians to level at 23 on a block by Chihuan and they went ahead on a great first-time spike by Zamudio. But Bae leveled the scores at 24-24 before blocking Moy, who then sent a spike long to give South Korea the set.
In the third set, Uribe came up with two good early spikes before an attempted set brought Korea level, while a service ace by Kim Yeon Koung put South Korea ahead by a single point at the first TTO. South Korea led by two at 13-11 before pulling away on two Peruvian errors and a big slam by Kim Yeon Koung. They were 16-11 up at the second TTO and in command. The Peruvians could only close the gap to 18-15 before South Korea pulled away to 23-17 after a reception error by Tristan. Han Yoo Mi then sent a thunderous spike down to clinch matchpoint and after a massive missile from Moy, the Koreans ended the match when Han Song Yi put a block on Chihuan.