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FIVB Women's World Cup 2007
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Poles breeze past Dominicans

The Polish players celebrate in the game against the Dominican Republic.

Komaki, Japan, November 14, 2007 -- Poland eased past the Dominican Republic at Komaki Park Arena on Wednesday with a comfortable 25-14, 25-14, 25-18 victory.
Poland were hoping to improve their record of just three wins in eight matches, while the Dominican Republic were looking for their second win.
The match went very much according to the form book, with Poland encountering only sporadic resistance against the inconsistent Dominicans. Katarzyna Skowronska-Dolata led the Poles with an impressive 17 points, while Bethania De La Cruz had 12 points for the Dominicans.
Poland eased out in front of the inexperienced Dominicans, but they didn't seem to be at their best early on. Malgorzata Glinka-Mogentale missed a couple of serves and sent a spike into the net, but the Dominicans were also having mixed results as they tried to find their range. Poland led 8-4 at the first technical timeout and were six points ahead at the second with Skowronska-Dolata doling out a couple of punishing spikes. The Dominican Republic's 15-year-old Brenda Castillo managed to serve an ace to pull the scores back to 23-14 but then sent her next serve long to hand the Poles setpoint. De La Cruz then saw a spike fly long and the Poles were a set up.
De La Cruz started to find her range at the start of the second set and Milagros Cabral added a couple of punchy spikes of her own as the Dominicans held the Poles to 5-5. But three errors by the Dominicans allowed the Poles to move into the lead. Anna Podolec had a good spell of serving -- including an ace -- that took her team from 12-8 to 16-9. The Dominicans added to their woes with a rotation mixup that saw Cabral serving out of turn. More errors by the Dominicans made it easy for the Poles and a long spike by Elisa Eve Mejia put Poland 23-13 up. Eleonora Dziekiewicz then provided an emphatic ending to the set with two huge blows from the right.
The Poles were again helped by sloppy Dominican play at the start of the third set and were 8-2 up at the first technical timeout. Cindy Rondon came up with a service ace for the Dominicans, while a tipover by De La Cruz brought the scores to 12-8, but Skowronska-Dolata planted a big spike through the Dominican defense to put the Poles on the right path again. To be fair, with the Dominican attack so inconsistent, the Poles didn't have to do much to clinch the win and they slowly inched their way to their goal. A netted serve by Sidarka Nunez and a receiving error by the Dominicans put the Poles 22-15 up. Blocks by Milena Sadurek on De La Cruz and Podolec on Cindy Rondon handed the Poles matchpoint and Skowronska-Dolata finished the match with a towering spike.