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2007 Women's World Cup

Competition Formula


12 Women's and 12 Menís teams will participate:
  • The Organising country: Japan.

  • The five 2007 Continental Champions: Asia, Africa, Europe, Norceca and South America.

The four 2007 best Continental Vice-Champions, according to the FIVB World Ranking (October 1st, 2007).

  • Two Wild Cards; the FIVB and the Organising Committee will chose the remaining two teams under the condition that they took part in the corresponding Continental championship and have enrolled for Olympic Qualification for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The name of the teams chosen to  receive a wild card will be released after the last Continental Championship.
Remark: In case Japan is continental champion or vice-champion, the third ranked team from the continental championship will participate. Only teams not yet qualified for Olympic Games can compete in the World Cup 2007.


Competition System

The competition system of the 2007 World Cups for Women & Men is the single Round-Robin system. Each team plays once against each of the 11 remaining teams. Points are accumulated during the whole tournament, and the final ranking is determined by the total points gained.
Rounds 1 + 2 (30 matches, 5 days): 12 participating teams will be divided in 2 groups (Site A & Site B)
Rounds 3 + 4 (36 matches, 6 days): teams continue to play against the remaining teams of the other groups.

The match schedule will be released by the Organiser  after approval of FIVB.


Olympic Games

The top three teams in the 2007 World Cups for Women & Men (not yet qualified) will be qualified to participate in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.


Order of Matches and Organiserís rights

The order of matches in Sites A and B in the rounds 1 and 2 is assigned in accordance with the Berger Table. The Organiser has the right to chose two matches in each site A and B.
The order of matches in the round 3 and 4 is decided by the Organiser after approval of FIVB.
The daily timetable of matches is fixed by the FIVB considering a proposal by the Organiser.
The Organiser has the right to change the timetable and order of the matches for TV broadcasting needs and with the approval of the FIVB Control Committee. Each team must be informed of the timetable changes at least 24 hours before the competition.


Distribution of Points

Winner = 2 points
Loser = 1 point
Forfeit = 0 point


In case of tie of matches won and loss by two or more teams (match points) the points ratio (points quotient) instead of the sets ratio (set quotient) will be applied to establish the final ranking.