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FIVB Men's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Yoo: We didn't give up

Korean captain Shin Young-Soo spikes against Puerto Rico


Head coach Yoo Jung-Tak: I’m very grateful for the players who didn’t give up until the end. I also thank the Japanese fans who supported us because of that we could win the last match of the tournament.

Captain Shin Young-Soo: We hadn’t had good results until now so we have been frustrated but we could do our best today. I want to thank all the players for their effort.
The members of the team by next May (the time of the next Olympic qualifying tournament) will be different but the most important thing now is to improve our defensive skills. In our team there are a lot of young players so it is necessary for us to improve our skills in dealing with moments of crisis.

Moon Sung-Min: We were a little disappointed to not get more wins throughout this tournament. Today we were able to enjoy playing volleyball and that was the reason why we won today. For the next Olympic qualification tournament (in May) right now we have many tall players. This is to improve our offense in order to catch up with the world’s best. But because of that our reception is not as good as before and are blocking is good but the reception became worse. So we need to improve our defense. Puerto Rico

Head coach Carlos D. Cardona: It’s difficult to analyze the game right afterwards but it was a difficult match. We lost the last two out of three. There are many factors why we lost: unnecessary mistakes, tiredness, poor recovery and a problem with patience. The same thing happened last year. We need to work out how to retain our condition throughout the tournament and we have to learn and improve how to do this.

Luis Rodriguez: We were tired and I am not satisfied with the result. Our head coach will analyze this but we can’t execute today. We had an injury to No. 4 Victor Rivera and he was supposed to be a second key player in the offense today but he got injured. Of course, Hector Soto is the main player but it is not possible to win with just one player.