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FIVB Men's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
I was proud of my team today: Borgeaud

Australia Coach Russell Borgeaud
I'm proud the way the team responded today. We've had a run of losses against some good teams and to improve against another good team was very important for our team and its development. We have one more match to play and it's important we finish on a good note and continue to improve at the end of the tournament.
(Re. tournament's two top scorers: Hector Soto of Puerto Rico and Paul Carroll of Australia) -- For sure, I think the focus for both teams is always on playing well and winning the match rather than points scoring. Hector Soto was a quite unbelievable player and we had to come up with tactics to hope to control him to give ourselves a chance to win. Paul did a pretty good job today, but Hector's out there scoring a big percentage of his team's points every day. I predicted he would go past our player in this tournament, but in the team sense, it's probably not the most important thing for both teams.

Australia Captain Benjamin Hardy
I think we were much more stable today and we played better than we have been in the last few matches, especially yesterday with regard to our stability. With our reception we were able to control their serve quite well and that gave us more options in attack. We're now playing for ranking and pride so it's a difficult time for us, but we're glad we still had the motivation and concentration to push forward and win this match.
(Re. improved personal performance from yersterday) -- Obviously yesterday I was disappointed I didn't get to play the whole match, but it's about how many opportunities you get and how many balls are set for you. It's easy to get caught up in a person scoring points, but at the end of the day you want to win the game. I'm happy my performance was better than yesterday's. I've had some small problems with my shoulder, but every day is a new day and today was a better one for me.


Puerto Rico Coach Carlos Cardona
Puerto Rico gave away points to the Australians and we made a couple of mistakes at critical moments. We made 32 errors and it was just a poor performance on the court today.

Puerto Rico No. 9 Luis Rodriguez
As the coach said, it was a bad day for us with many unforced errors. But they played really well and had a good service and they covered Hector with two men for most of the game.