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FIVB Men's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
We lack a leader, South Korean coach says

Spanish Israel Rodriguez, best player of the match against Korea

South Korea Coach Yoo Jung Tak
I always felt that during the World Cup we didn't have a leader and that's why there were some points we couldn't win. We didn't have a leader who could attack and score the big points. We only won one game during the World Cup because we have young players. They want to win, but they weren't at their best mentally. Tomorrow, we want to win and show our best.

South Korea Captain Shin Young Soo
I think we performed well and that makes it all the more regrettable that we couldn't get the win. The players did well but there were some points in each set where we couldn't break through. We have to find a way to get through these problems and win matches.
I want to thank the Japanese fans who supported the Korean team. I'm sorry we couldn't do well, and we want to do our best in our last match.

Moon Sung Min
I also regret that we didn't win today. Our reception was inconsistent. If we had received better, we might have had a chance. We made crucial mistakes on important points and I think that's the reason why we lost.


Spain Captain Rafael Pascual
It was good to win another game. We have a team of young players, as do South Korea, but they made mistakes, which was obviously good for us. It was good that we won 3-0. We have one more match and we want to do well in that.
Because Japan is the host country, I hope they can do their best. We will do our best. I've played in Japan before, so I want to thank the Japanese fans for their support.

Spain Coach Marcelo Mendez
Today we fought against Korea, who have a good defense. We won because we were able to show our strong points on a consistent basis. In the third set, we didn't start so well, but we were able to regain our concentration at the end and that was the good point about today's match.