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FIVB Men's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Win over Tunisia will give us more fight: Hamdy Awad

Egypt Captain Hamdy Awad

Today, we played a good match. Yesterday I said we would have a difficult match against Tunisia because they are a strong team and they know everything about us, as we know everything about them.
But this match was great for Egypt and will give us more fight for tomorrow. If we win tomorrow, we can book a good position. I hope we can win tomorrow.
In the first match in the World Cup we had a problem because we came late to Japan. Tomorrow is an important match for us and we will fight.

Egypt Coach Zakaria Ahmed

Egypt and Tunisia are the best teams in Africa and they are always in the final in the African Championship. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Today the players were nervous and tense and made too many mistakes because we were playing Tunisia. If we were playing a normal match, we would be better than today.
It's the first time for our team to win two matches in an important championship. Sometimes we will win one match or no matches. If we win against Australia tomorrow our position will be better.


Tunisia Captain Ghazi Guidara

Today we had a difficult match. We missed the important points toward the end of each set. We know each other well and it's regrettable that Egypt beat us today.
This is my fourth time to play in the World Cup. It's like a miracle to play in Japan because the fans are really excited. It's an honor to play in such an atmosphere where volleyball is a tradition. I hope it stays like that. I really enjoy playing in Japan.

Tunisia Coach Antonio Giacobbe

Congratulations to Egypt. We played a difficult match. I used our most experienced players but Egypt controlled us at the critical moments and we made easy mistakes, especially in the last set. So I can say this match was down to critical moments. In the second set, they made mistakes and we were able to control them.
But it was difficult to understand when and where is the key to the match. I think Tunisia must go on changing; we have some young players and now is the time to go with them.
It was not easy to understand the key of the match. Like the Egyptian coach said, the two teams used their most experienced players because today's match was a particular match, and in the match if one team could win two consecutive points, the match is finished. At one point, Abdalla served two aces and after that it was ball by ball until the end. It was difficult to know when and where the ball arrived to change the match. In the last set, Kaabi spiked out and then we were finished. The two teams are at the same technical level; today they made less mistakes than us. The match was close. Now it's better for us to use younger players and to open a new door.