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FIVB Men's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Mendez: our teamwork is getting better

Spanish coach Marcelo Mendez
Head coach Marcelo R. Mendez: We were a little bit tired but it’s good to be able to maintain our concentration in this condition, I think our teamwork is getting better and I’m happy being in this round in this condition. Our service was good although we had a few mistakes but overall it was good and I was happy we could win.
Captain Rafael Pascual: We are tired but we were able to concentrate. Today, many of the people are watching the Japan game and there are not so many watching us but we were still able to maintain our concentration and do our best
Head coach Russell Borgeaud: We need to take responsibility for this performance, both players and coaches. There were some good aspects of the perforamance but we need to improve. We hope we can do well in the last two games.
Captain Benjamin Hardy: I’m not very happy because we didn’t play very well. Our team didn’t perform well in the match today. A poor performance from just about everybody.