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FIVB Men's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Coach Ahmed glad to get off mark

Egyptian captain Hamdy Awad spikes against Korea


Head coach Zakaria Ahmed: It was the first win for our team and it is mentally good for the players. The first reason why we won is that we had a strong block. Tomorrow, it will be special because we play Tunisia and we hope to win for the next two matches.

Captain Hamdy Awad: We played well today. We learned from the Japan loss when we could have won. Next game is Tunisia and they are well known to us so the next game will be difficult.


Head coach Yoo Jung-Tak: We lacked basis skills today. We should have won this game but we couldn’t. We’d like to win the last two games. Our biggest problem was when the defense collapsed and it affected the rest of our game.

Captain Shin Young-Soo: We weren’t satisfied with today’s result as both a team and individuals. We had to lose but I was discouraged to lose. I’d like to win the last two games. One thing is the worst defense mistakes negatively affected the result.