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FIVB Men's World Cup 2007
Press Conference
Cardona: We kept our concentration

Puerto Rico


Head coach Carlos D. Cardona: Today we were supposed to have a tough game but we played well. We tend to lose concentration if we have more than 24 hours off but we were very happy to win the first match in Tokyo.


Captain Hector Soto: We had a strategy in the first and second set and we played well but in the third set Tunisia changed their style and we needed to turn things around against Tunisia. I want to play well the rest of the tournament.




Head coach Antonio Giacobbe: Puerto Rico had good reception and their serve was good.  We couldn’t attack well. We played a little bit better in the third set. However, we made a few mistakes in the last stages of the match and gave them the chance to win.


Captain Ghazi Guidara: We couldn’t play as well as we wanted. Actually, Puerto Rico have high quality serves so we couldn’t receive well. We played well in the third set but we couldn’t do enough to win the set so we have to be ready to play the next game.