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Kana Oyama

Uniform number: 17 Age: 19 187cm 82kg

Kana started playing Volleyball at the age of eight and is now regarded as the most talented player in the team. She is physically well-built at 187cm and 82kg and in a change to most other Japanese players can compete with the tallest and most powerful of foreign players.

Although Kana is still learning the technical aspects of the game as an outside spiker, she showed her true potential when she recorded the highest success rate of spiking among Asian spikers at the 2003 World Grand Prix.

Kana is very emotional, and even during training, she often sheds tears easily. Kana’s younger sister is also a promising volleyball player and the Oyama sisters are already well known in Japan.

She is a typical young girl of today and has recently been absorbed in exchanging e-mails with her friends. Her favourite food is chicken e.g. fried chicken and Yakitori, screwed grilled chicken.