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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Gajic pleased with Russian performance

Russian Alexey Kuleshov spikes

Head coach Zoran Gajic: Iím satisfied with our teamís professional approach today and I hope we have better games in the second round as well. 
Captain Semen Poltavsky: Korea had good teamwork but we were prepared for their strong serve, block and attack so it was not very difficult for us to win the game since we were prepared for it. 
Alexey Kazakov: I remember that they were very strong before. We actually lost a game to them. But we could win because we were trying hard with our blocks and serving. 
South Korea 
Head coach Ho Chul Kim: Russia played their game really well, especially with serving and blocking. If they can keep playing like this then they will be able to get into the top positions. Iíd like to say good luck to the Russian team. 
Captain In Jung Who: The result wasnít good today but through this competition we feel we have worked out what we need to improve. We have had a good time here and will take away some good memories. 
Kyung Soo Lee: Iím not pleased with the result. Since our team didnít get much time to practice before the championship started, the bond between the players wasnít strong and we couldnít be united as a team. Weíll play in the Asian Games in December so we now want to prepare for that.