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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Kolakovic: We took this match very seriously

SCG's Andrija Geric and Nikola Grbic celebrate

Head coach Igor Kolakovic: We took todayís match very seriously. We knew that the Canadian coach knows us well tactically as he used to be the head coach of France so we prepared really hard for this match. I think we were able to play well from the beginning. 
Captain Nikola Grbic: I am very satisfied that we have been doing very well and I knew that this match would be very difficult because the Canadian coach always plans well tactically. Our approach has been successful and I want us to stay the same for the next round. 
Slobodan Boskan: Iím very satisfied with todayís result. From the beginning, we didnít think we could win easily but we played really well tonight. Obviously the second round will be harder than the first but I believe we will do well as we did pretty well in the first round. 
Head coach Glenn Hoag: We were prepared very well for todayís game but our opponent was better than us. They are one of the best teamís in the world. They didnít let us score easily because their defense is excellent. They were very balanced also, because they are very good in offense. Theyíll do very well if they donít get any injuries. 
Captain Murray Grapentine: Todayís game was very difficult. They are the fourth-best team in the rankings and they didnít allow us to get points easily. It was good to have a game with such a good team. 
Frederic Winters: It was hard to score and they had very few mistakes. We werenít very good with our combinations and blocking.