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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Gajic: It was good experience for our younger players

Russia's Zoran Gajic coaches

Head coach Zoran Gajic: I'm happy with today's result. The players played very well and professional. What was particularly good was today’s starting players who haven’t played at this level of competition before. It was a good experience for them. We got better in defense and we had fewer mistakes than before. The other team had very few attacking mistakes but it was good to have a nice game against them. We know the South
Koreans are very fast so we need to be at 150 percent with our skills.

(On who to choose from the Kazakhstan team if he could chose anybody): All 12 members of the Russian national team are the best players in the world so no-one can substitute them! But I can name a really good player, and that is the substitute setter who is No. 10 (Alexey Stepanov).

Captain Semen Poltavsky: Our head coach gave chances to all the players who came here to play and we all did our best playing the game in the way the coach expected. Today, we started the game with some different members than we normally do, but since the 12 members are at the same level we could play well today as well.

Stanislav Dineykin: It was a good game but I have to say we tended to make easy mistakes. We need to work hard in reducing them.


Head coach Vladimir Kondra: As a rule, the loser speaks first so in this tournament it has
become a tradition to speak first! The Russian team are very strong and are at a different
level to us. I was really worried about playing Russia because it is my country and it is
definitely my first experience to play against my countrymen. There weren't so many
mistakes from the Russians and their defense were very good. If they maintain this level, they will get the gold. I was just disappointed with the gap in points but it was a good lesson for us.

Captain Svyatoslav Miklashevich: Today's result was what I expected. They are a lot higher level than us but we did our best and we couldn’t manage to win.