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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Kolakovic: We knew the match would be exciting, tough, long

South Korean libero Oh Hyun Yeo dives


Head coach Igor Kolakovic: Tonight we knew that the match would be exciting, tough
and long because the Korean team are really patient and make the opponents tired. We had things we wanted to do tactically but we werenít able to do them. Sometimes we become weak mentally but we were able to do well anyway.

Captain Nikola Grbic: Both teams did their best today. Sometimes we lost our concentration but I still was happy the way we played. Tomorrow we expect a tough game against the Canadians, but we want to do our best.

Ivan Miljkovic: I found that we have many points to improve tonight and we need to get ready for the next match.

South Korea

Head coach Ho Chul Kim: I didnít put much emphasis on whether we won or lost today, but I wanted to see how we played. We could see our possibilities but at the same time we are lacking in many areas. We prepared for only a month before we came to Japan but through the tournament we played better and better and tomorrow we want to play an interesting game like today.

Captain In Jung Who: I did my best tonight but the result was not the one I wanted. They were physically and technically superior to us, but if we keep on trying we can play like them someday.

Yo Han Kim: I was disappointed at the result as we couldnít show what everybody has in this team. We prepared for the strong spikes from them, but if that many strong spikes come consecutively we canít respond to it. We have one more match to go and I want to go back to Korea with a good result.