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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Gajic: We want to fix mistakes

A baby gets a kiss from the mascot


Head coach Zoran Gajic: I have to say I am happy with the result, but I’m not very happy with the way we played because I think we can do better. We want to fix the mistakes and I believe we can do this.

Captain Semen Poltavsky: Today our team was good in serves and defense. As the
tournament goes on we are getting better and better and I want us to go into the final rounds in the same condition.

Alexey Verbov: We lost the first game and it put us in a bad mood. What we needed to do was make sure the opponents got as few points as possible and keep our style consistent. If we can manage to continue to do this, we might be in line for a medal.


Head coach Glenn Hoag: Russia are a very strong team so it was a very difficult match. We couldn’t play in our normal style as a result. Their defense and service was good and ours wasn’t that good in comparison. We’ll just have to try to do our best in the next game.

Captain Murray Grapentine: It was very difficult for us. Their service and blocking was
really good and we couldn’t keep up our normal way of playing.