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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
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Kolakovic looks to rotate players

Nikola Grbic (SCG) celebrates


Head coach Igor Kolakovic: Their defense was really good today and our defense and blocking was good as well and we got better as the match progressed. We have two more games and we want to keep our concentration high. For the next games I want to use fresh players who are not tired. We can do this because we won in straight sets today even with some of our best players on the bench.

Captain Nikola Grbic: Id like to congratulate the Tunisian team for their high level of
play in the first and third sets. Although the result was good it was a difficult match.
Weve got a day off now so we are lucky in preparing for the next match. I think all our players have played well so far and we want to keep at that level.

Marko Samardzic: We have won every game so far and Im happy about that. Im happy we have maximum points and now a day off. I thought it would be difficult to win 3-0 but we managed to do it today


Head coach Antonio Giacobbe: If I could cancel the second set I can say that we played well. It was the best match for us so far so Id say a factor in their victory was their setter (Nikola Grbic) and I told him so after the match. Hes played in Italy before so I know him well. Today, we were prepared to play against men, but we played against exceptional men so we lost. I think they are in a good position to take the gold in this tournament.

Captain Ghazi Guidara: We can say we started off well today and we had some good
blocks and also were digging well. I was satisfied with the match itself even though we lost. They are a very strong team so we got to prepare ourselves for the next matches against Canada and Kazakhstan.