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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
'We haven't been together very long as a team but we are getting better'

Kazakhstan coach Vladimir Kondra grimaces

South Korea

Head coach Ho Chul Kim: We lost twice before this so it was a difficult match. Our main objective in this tournament is to watch how the other teams play because we have the Asian Games (in Doha) coming up (in December). We wanted to use Shin (Jin Sik) and Chang (Byung Chul)  because they are very technical players and it was  an important part of the win.

Captain In Jung Who: It was very difficult game but we had a good style throughout and we were able to show this. We hope we can continue in this way as we want to play this kind of volleyball.

Jin Sik Shin: We havenít been together very long as a team but we are getting better. It has only been a few days since we came to Japan to practice. This has to be the best game so far for us.


Head coach Vladimir Kondra: The game was quite important for me as head coach and for the team and they were nervous since it was the decider whether we could go to the second round. Before the middle of the third set it was a very close game but after the second TTO we tended to make a lot of mistakes, we lost that set and lost the match. I feel sorry but Iíd like to congratulate the Korean team. They gave a good performance and after two tough opening games.

Captain Svyatoslav Miklashevich: The game logically showed our level and we
obviously werenít able to pull ourselves together.

Marat Imangaliyev: The game showed what we can do Ė we lacked something in both attack and defense. The balance of the team was not good.