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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
"In a long tournament we have to consider freshness and tiredness factors'

Head Coach Igor Kolakovic (SCG)


Head coach Igor Kolakovic: Before the match, we didnít expect to use the older players as the plan was to use just the younger players, but after the first set we decided to use them. Kazakhstan played impressively and we werenít able to do well in defense. It was too bad for us that we werenít able to take our chances in the third set. Iím not satisfied with the second set but it was good to win without any injuries to the players. I want to thank also the players that sat on the bench.

(On the captain Nikola Grbic and Goran Vujevic being left on the bench the entire match) All our players are good but in a long tournament like this we have to consider freshness and tiredness factors and need to save some of our players.

Captain: Nikola Grbic: It was a difficult game for us to concentrate in because the two teams we have played are so different. Russia is higher ranked than Kazakhstan so we had to play in a different style today.

Novica Bjelica: It was tough today. After the first set, our style of play wasnít so good
and Kazakhstan played much better than we expected.


Head coach Vladimir Kondra: It was a very good game, but we lost. We had the chance to go into five sets and I am happy with that. They have great players so it was very difficult to play against them. Every substitution they made saw another great player come on the court. I tried to give as many players as possible a chance to get on the court and they all did really well.

Captain: Svyatoslav Miklashevich: My feeling is we played really well and showed what we were capable of. The Serbia-Montenegro team is the best team in the group so I am satisfied with the way we played against them.