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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
"The Slavic nature meant we got too relaxed'

Tunisia's Chaker Ghezal spikes against Russia


Head coach Zoran Gajic: Tunisia and Russia traditionally are rivals and the Tunisians
always play well against us and today they did, too. The first set, our players concentrated really well because of yesterdayís loss, but the Slavic nature meant we got too relaxed in the second set. In total, we made quite a few mistakes in our attacks and we want to reduce the mistakes in our future matches.

Captain Semen Poltavsky: We lost the last game and therefore we needed to concentrate and do our best in this game and it was a great psychological victory and the psychological side is really important for us to keep on winning in this tournament.

Alexey Kazakov: Iím very happy to win this match. First of all, I want to thank my
teammates for their great blocks and defense. Thatís why we could win the match today. We still have a long way to go and we continue in the same vein.


Head coach Antonio Giacobbe: When we started the match, there were many champions and the best coach in the world on the other side of the court. So, we spent the first set trying to figure out what kind of team was on the other side of the net. From the second set, we were able to play our game and Iím satisfied with our performance even though we lost. I look at this as a glass half empty-glass have full situation and I prefer to see it in a positive light.

Captain Ghazi Guidara: I think we played very well. In the first set, we served well but their blocking was good, but in the second and third set we got into a good rhythm. I
hoped to get at least one set, but we failed. This was a big regret for us and we will try to win the next game.

Hichem Kaabi: We played well against a strong team. We did our best and it was a good game. We learned something from this match and we hope we can evolve our game in the future.