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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Giacobbe happy to beat friend Kim

Head Coach Antonio Giacobbe (TUN)

Head coach Antonio Giacobbe: Itís kind of hard to sit next to the losing team and say how much I enjoyed the match, but I am happy. My friend Mr. Kim (Ho Chul Kim, the South Korean coach) has a really strong team so I was happy we could beat them. Today we played well. Usually we play well and lose. So thatís the important part of todayís victory.

Captain Ghazi Guidara: It was a great match. We were able to concentrate on the match and team spirit was the key. We want to keep up the good work for the next game.

Hichem Kaabi: It was very good match. All of us didnít give up on the match and each person worked hard and it came together in the end. We worked hard this summer for this match so this result was well deserved.

South Korea
Head coach Ho Chul Kim: This is the worst possible outcome I could imagine. We
werenít able to do anything we planned to do. Of course we have many young players but they couldnít show what they were capable of. Weíll look back at todayís game and work on things for the next game.

Captain In Jung Who: Since we lost I donít feel very good and what we need to do for now is pull ourselves together.

Sung Min Moon: We couldnít play quickly and I think that was one of the reasons why we lost and we werenít able to come up with a strong attack, we lacked strength.