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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Coach K digs Serbia-Montenegro win

Head Coach Igor Kolakovich (SCG) during time out

Head coach Igor Kolakovic: I am very happy with this result. It was excellent, especially in the third set and I hope we keep our high level in the next game. As the Russian head coach said, the reason we could win was because we received (digged) the ball well.

Captain Nikola Grbic: I was satisfied with our approach to today’s game especially with the defensive blocks. They were very good. The result is not important, though, but what is important is to mentally win and today we did well with that side of the game.

Vladimir Grbic: I am very proud of our condition but I can’t really say that we were
better. We have four more games to play and the championship is very long so we need to keep our level high.

Head coach Zoran Gajic: Their condition was very good. Their receiving (digging) was really, really good so we couldn’t get ahead and we couldn’t play our normal game. In the third set, we started well but once we made a mistake we couldn’t recover our composure. What I want my team to do is keep trying. I believe in my team.

Captain Semen Poltavsky: The opposition were really good today and they received about 80 percent of the time which made the difference to give them the victory.

Alexey Kazakov: I have to say that I agree with my captain  as the oppositions’ defense and receiving was very good. Even though the game was close we lost and that is very unfortunate.