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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Animals, fire and hunger in the eyes...that's Brazil

On top of the world...that's Brazil captain Ricardo

Head Coach Bernardo Rezende: I think the team has improved during the World Championship. We got rhythm and saw the strength of the other teams, and the fighting spirit was building up. We came into the final rounds with a lot of energy. The team played like they have been playing the last six years, and we had to show Poland, who have had a great tournament, we were still as hungry as we were in 2002. They showed that when they came into the court.

Captain Ricardo Garcia: We came here into the final rounds respecting our rivals but concentrating on one goal. Individual talent is important but we wanted to show the team is still hungry and had hunger in the eyes.

Giba: This championship is very hard because I had 10 games and 30 days or 40 days and I am very tired at this moment. The team has been going up game to game and now in the final all the team played very well. After we lost to France it was very important for Brazil because after that all the team woke up. In the semi-final I thought Brazil played very hard, like an animal, all the time. Congratulations to the players and staff, this family, this team of Brazil. It is the fire in the eyes and the will to win…that is the secret of the Brazil team.

(On MVP and US$100,000): It is 50 per cent for me and 50 per cent for the team. I can never win alone, so I congratulate all players for the win, and I am disappointed that my setter, Ricardo, could not win the prize for best setter.


Head Coach Raul Lozano: I want to congratulate the Brazil team because I think this is the biggest victory in history. They showed today they are the most powerful team in the world, the best team the world has ever seen. We did not play well today, and after the first set we lost our power. Today is a very hard day for our team. Of course I am very happy for second place but we did not play well in the final. We did not show our true level. Today we lost the game in our heads. We did not come to the game with the head to fight and win.

Captain Piotr Gruszka: Brazil showed us today they are the best team in the world. We were trying to play but it was not enough. We can go back home very proud to win the silver medal. We still have one step to go up and we will work hard to be higher at the next World Championship.

Michal Bakiewicz: The truth is the Brazil team was much better than us. We can go back home to show the Polish people the medal again after 32 years.