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FIVB Men's World Championship Japan 2006
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Russians steam past Kazakhstan

Russia's Alexey Kuleshov spikes

November 21, 2006, Sendai, Japan — Third-ranked Russia powered past Kazakhstan in straight sets on Tuesday to move to the second round.

The Russians were quick to notch up a 25-16, 25-18, 25-18 victory in Pool D to improve to 3-1, ensuring Kazakhstan stayed winless in their second tournament

Kazakhstan, who had lost their first three matches, had only their pride to play for, but they quickly fell behind in the first set against a Russian side that was resting captain Semen Poltavsky and 217-cm Alexey Kazakov.

Russia, runners-up in the 2002 world championships, raced to a 20-12 first-set lead behind some venomous spiking and some no-nonsense blocking.

Alexander Kosarev was seeing a lot of the ball on the left for the Russians and it was his block that brought set point, which was hammered home by Alexander Volkov.

Another Alexander, Korneev this time, got the Russians off to a good start in the second set with a snapped spike on the left and his team went into the first TTO 8-4 up.

The lead quickly improved to 12-5 and the Kazakhstanis were in disarray. Coach Vladimir Kondra decided now was the time for his first time out.

Anton Rubtsov was doing his best at the net and hammered in a spike to boost Kazakhstani confidence, but the Russians maintained their ruthless efficiency in dismantling their opponents.

The 215-cm Stanislav Dineykin spiked in from deep to move the teams to the second TTO with Russia 16-9 ahead.

Dineykin again made it 21-12 as his team looked to run away with the second set and the Kazakhstanis were powerless to respond as spikes rained down.

Kazakhstan captain Svyatoslav Miklashevich finally got into the game with a big spike from the left but the set was quickly closed out when Dineykin’s huge spike proved too hot to handle.

An ace from Volkov got the Russians off to a good start in the third set, but Marat Imangaliyev finally found some form with a big spike through the center to level things up at 3-3.

Another ace, this time from Kuleshov, moved Russia further ahead as the Kazakhstanis looked at each other to see whose responsibility the serve was and Russia arrived at the first TTO 8-6 up.

A Kirill Konovalov ace for Kazakhstan leveled the score at 10-10, but the underdogs couldn’t get their noses in front.

Russia powered to a 16-13 lead at the second TTO courtesy of a steep spike from Volkov and the Kazakhstanis looked resigned to their fate.

Dineykin set up match point with a spike right on the line and Yuriy Berezhko wrapped things up with a diagonal spike into the far left-hand corner.