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FIVB Women's World Championship Japan 2006
Press Conference
Russia v Germany press conference

Germany's coach Giovanni Guidetti

Giovanni Caprara, Russia head coach

"We played very well in the first two sets. Our attacks were very good, probably the best we have played in attack in this tournament so far, although we were having problems with defence.

"In the second set, we dropped a notch because the German team started playing much better. But we improved again and we were able to win the match.

"I have to say that there are some very good teams in this tournament and to win the world championship a team has to play extremely well."

On the German team, Caprara said:

"I think the Germans can give problems to any team in this competition. They play hard and never give up and I think it is a characteristic and culture of the German people in that they fight to the end. Germany should be proud of their team."

Giovanni Guidetti, Germany head coach

"I believe this Russian team is very very strong and is difficult to beat by any team. It was very difficult to get points against them.

"That's why I'm very proud of my team. We lost only by a few points to them and we also won one set so I'm very pleased with that."

On Italians coaching Russia and Germany, Guidetti said:

"I'm sure when we play, he is thinking only of Russia and I'm thinking only of Germany."

Caprara added: "Italy is playing in Nagoya (not Sapporo)."

Angelina Grun, Germany captain

"I'd like to congratulate the Russians on their victory. At the beginning we were a little bit nervous but we tried our best and I think we played very well overall.

"Russia is a very strong team and we won one set off them so that is very good. We played how we wanted to but it was not enough to win."