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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

China beat Brazil 3-2 (25-19, 21-25, 23-25, 25-15, 15-9) - duration 2:02
11-Sep, start time: 20:30, end time: 22:32 - Attendance: 7,421
China advances to semifinal after thriller against Brazil
China approached to the semifinal of the 2002 Women's World Championship after defeating Brazil in a five sets thriller (3-2). Brazil had a slight chance to reach the Final Four, but at the end the expirience of the Asian Champion brought China the victory
Both squads started ambitiously in the first set, with China taking a slight advantage (8-4). Brazil could nearly close the gap (12-13) and the lead often changed between the two teams. China played better at the end of the set and clinched the first set with 25-19.
Following reception problems and blocking faults, Brazil was left behind China at the beginning of the second set (3-6). The South American block could not cope with the strong spikes of the Chinese middle blockers. But Brazil got back and took over the lead. Towards the end of the set, China became nervous and produced unforced errors. Brazil converted its first set point and won 25-21.
Both teams began the third set with a lot of fighting spirit. China could take a slight advantage (8-6). After 10-10, the Brazilians could take the lead and made a gap of five points (18-13). After a time-out of the Chinese coach Zhonghe Chen, China shortened the gap to 20-21. But the best players in the Brazilian team, Paula Pequeno and libero Fabiana Berto brought Brazil the thirsd set (25-23).
In the fourth set China could quickly take the lead (11-6). After a series of easy mistakes in his team, the Brazilian head coach Marco Motto tried to improve the play of his girls with substitutions. The South Americans were not able to outplay the Chinese wall and China forced a tiebreaker by winning the fourth set (25-15).
In the fifth set, China got easily in front with 4-1, but Brazil did not give up and equalised. The Chinese block and defense did not face any serious problems. While China scored points, Brazil produced many mistakes. China clinched the victory by winning the fifth set 15-9.
Paula Pequeno was the best scorer with 18 points. Ruirui Zhao and Hao Yang where the best Chinese with 17 points each.