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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

U.S.A. beat Cuba 3-0 (25-22, 25-15, 25-21) - duration 1:10
11-Sep, start time: 20:31, end time: 21:41 - Attendance: 2,940
USA throws titleholder Cuba out of World Championship
There will be a new World Champion after USA eliminated three times World and Olympic Champion Cuba in the quarterfinal of the 2002 World Championship. The US team won the battle against the Cubans in straight sets and will meet Russia in the semifinal in Berlin.
Both teams started nervously in the first set and made many serve mistakes. It was the US team that found its rythm back earlier and USA took the lead with 14-10. The only 16 years old Cuban Nancy Carillo helped her team to catch up thanks to her strong serves. The USA kept its leadt at the end and won the first set with 25-22.
The beginning of the second set was equal. For the first time in this match, the Cubans played some of their fast combinations. On the other hand, the strong block of the Americans made it hard for the team of coach Felipe Calderon to kill the ball. The score at the first technical time out was 8-7 is US favor. Cuba had the first time out at the score of 13-10, because the American block was still unbeatable. It didn't help Cuba and neither the instructions of their coach nor the support of the spectators could prevent the titleholder from losing the second set clearly with 15-25.
Even in the third set, the Cubans started with mistakes and were behind with 1-3. Almost feeling the 0-3 defeat coming closer, Cuba started fighting again and went to first technical time out with a 8-7 lead. However the team of coach Toshiaki Yoshida played an excellent match and especially the US blocking was outstanding. The Americans hit the balls just the way the wanted to. Felipe Calderon brought Regla Torres on the court and she prooved her class as in the match against Italy. But in the end, even the Mexican wave and the support of the spectators didn't help the defending champion, so US team won the set with 25-20.
USA won nine matches in a row and is going for gold. Logan Tom was the best scorer of the match with 11 points.