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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Netherlands 3-1 (25-17, 17-25, 26-24, 25-14) - duration 1:36
08-Sep, start time: 14:00, end time: 15:36 - Attendance: 4,385
Brazil in quarterfinals, while The Netherlands has to wait
Brazil was the second team from Riesa to qualify for the quarterfinals by defeating The Netherlands 3-1. The Dutch team still has to wait for the result of the match between China and Korea in Pool F. If China wins the match 30 or 3-1, The Netherlands completes the Elite Eight.
In the first set, Brazil hit many tactical, short serves to prevent Dutch fast attacks, but the Dutch countered with attacks by Francien Huurman and Alice Blom. A series of Brazilian jump serves gave the South Americans a 19-14 lead. This was enough to win the first set 25-17.
A different picture in the second set: Brazil has problems with the attacks and makes a lot of attacking faults. The Dutch took a 6-2 lead and the Brazilian coach Marco Motta took his first time-out. His words showed effect on his team. Brazil play more concentrated and equalised (9-9). A strong performance by the just 1.79 meter tall outside attacker Alice Blom overpowered the Brazilian block once and again. Tjis gave The Netherlands the second set (25-17).
The third set was very exciting. The best Dutch scorer in the third set was Elles Leferink; Brazil's most noticeable player was Luciana Nascimento. Brazil took a 20-15 lead, but the Dutch got back into the game drawing at 21-21. Paula Pequeno missed the first set point at 24-23. The Dutch come-back was not enough and Brazil finally won the set 26-24.
After losing the third set, the Dutch players 34re under pressure to win at least another set in order to a much better chance to reach the last eight. But the third set was the break points of the match. Brazil quickly lead 14-8 and extended it to 18-10. The South Americans controlled the set and won the match 3-1.
With this victroy, Brazil is qualified for the quarterfinals, while the Netherlands will have to watch the match between China and Korea carefully.
Luciana Nascimento was with 18 points the best scorer.