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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Italy beat Germany 3-0 (25-18, 31-29, 25-22) - duration 1:21
02-Sep, start time: 20:20, end time: 21:41 - Attendance: 5,661
Italy put Germany in trouble after fourth 3-0 victory
Italy put Germany in big trouble during the Women's World Championship. Italy was forced to fight for their victory over Germany in straight sets. The Italians dominated the game in the first set, but then the crowds whipped the host team on to achieve a 21-21 after being 16-10 down. The 5,660 spectators followed the dramatic second set standing: Germany conceded two set points, Italy needed no fewer than five set points to finally win the set 31-29. The third set was as exciting as the second, but Italy was the better team at the end and won the match 3-0.
Both teams started the match on a very high level. The Italians got through more often with their hard and powerful attacks to gain a 16-10 lead. In spite of the loud and enthusiastic support of the biggest capacity crowd oif the event so far, the German failed to turn the pressure on Italy. Italy on the other hand found the gaps and made point after point (21-14) winning the first set 25-18 with their fifth match point the first four being warded off by the Germans.
After being 6-2 down in the second set, the Italians changed into a higher gear using a weaker period of the Germans to achieve a 10-6 lead. Not only Italy's attack functioned without a hitch, their defense was also convincing. But the German fans cheered their team loudly on to a 21-21 draw. At 23-23 none of the spectators remained sitting, but the Italians managed to win this dramatic set 31-29 converting their fifth set point.
In the third set, both teams showed a top-level game never giving up a point. This set made the German crowds cheer too and whip their team on. Italy kept a cool head in this hot atmosphere at Halle Muensterland and took over the lead at 19-19, superiorly winning the set 25-22. Italy therefore remained unbeaten at this World Championship and even didn't drop a set.
Italian Elisa Togut played a tremendous match and scored 19 points. On the German side, Sylvia Roll and Angelina Gruen both made 16 points, but this was not enough to win a set.