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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Bulgaria beat Germany 3-0 (26-24, 25-23, 25-20) - duration 1:18
01-Sep, start time: 16:04, end time: 17:22 - Attendance: 5,300
First defeat for home crowd favorite Germany
In a tight and dramatic game, Women's World Champion host Germany suffered its first defeat after Bulgaria beat the Germans in straight sets. In the first two sets, the Germans were down most of the time but came back with the roaring support of the 5,300 spectators at Halle Muensterland, but failed to make the big points. Bulgaria was even not impressed by a German four-point lead (17-13) in the third set, closed the gap and ultimately won the set. Bulgaria thus remains undefeated in the World Championship, while Germany suffered its first defeat.
Right from the start of the first set the Bulgarians turned the pressure on the German team with a strong block and good serves. Germany didn't use the right system to counter the effective play of the Eastern Europeans and was quickly down by seven points (19-12). But the fans at Halle Muensterland whipped the German team on. Bulgaria missed two set points at 24-22, but their third won them the set 26-24.
In the second set both teams fought for quite some time for a clear lead. Bulgaria only achieved an advantage of three points at 16-13. Germany once again started to come back with support of the more than 5,000 spectators (21-20). Bulgaria once again needed three set points to win 25-23.
Both teams played long rallies in the third set with alternating results. After 11-11 the Germans managed a three point lead (14-11), but Bulgaria kept following the German opponents and finally took over the lead at 19-18. Bulgaria never gave the lead away anymore and clinched the set at 25-20. With this victory Bulgaria remain undefeated, while Germany suffered their first defeat.
Angelina Gruen was the best player of the match and scored 20 points. Her tournament total is 65 now, just one less than the leading Cuban Yumilka Ruiz. At the Bulgarian side, Antonia Zetova made 17 points, while her teammade Aneta Germanova scored 16 points.
Germany has to make good result against strong Italy on Monday to secure a place in the next round with even one day to go.