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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Japan beat Mexico 3-0 (25-13, 25-16, 25-11) - duration 1:03
01-Sep, start time: 13:01, end time: 14:04 - Attendance: 4,450
Japan's first victory
Japan had to wait for a victory until their third match at the World Championship, when they defeated Mexico 3-0 in Muenster. The Asians dominated their opponents in the attack and deservedly won the clash with a courageously fighting Mexican team that never gave up.
Right from the start of the first set both teams showed fantastic performances in defence. After 6-6, Japan managed to win five points in a row with precise and powerful attacks. In the next stage of the set, the Japanese team extended the lead (16-9) and never were in danger anymore (25-13).
In the second set, Mexico continued to try to exploit all their opportunities, but the Japanese squad put on more pressure on the opponent and quickly led 13-8. Japan went on to play aggressively. Though Mexico was capable of making the gap smaller, Japan finally decided the set 25-16.
Japan was again dominating and remained superior in the third set. Although the Central Americans continued to fight, they went down in three straight sets. Japan quickly led 8-5 and 14-9 and won the set 25-11, celebrating its first victory at this World Championship.
For Japan, the win was needed to have a small chance to proceed to the second round. Mexico will leave the event after the first round, even if the team will win the next two matches. On Monday, Japan will face Bulgaria and this is another important clash for the Asians.
Miyukoi Takahashi was with 19 points the best scorer of the match, while on the Mexican side Bibiana Candelas added 13 points to her tournament total.