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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

U.S.A. beat Argentina 3-0 (25-21, 25-23, 25-21) - duration 1:17
30-Aug, start time: 20:00, end time: 21:17 - Attendance: 500
USA doesn't cry for Argentina
USA took an important opening victory in Pool C of the Women's World Championship. The team of the Japanese head coach Toshiaki Yoshida defeated Argentina in straight sets. It was not an easy victory for the Americans here in Riesa.
At the beginning of the first set both teams showed an even performance and convinced by an excellent fighting spirit. After the first time-out of Argentina's coach Claudio Cuello his team improved, knew how to take advantage of tough serves and wa soon leading 11:8. In the middle of the set the US players were able to close up again. Argentina's "panthers" took their lead to 19:18 but then had to bow to the US team that showed a fantastic finish and took the first set with 25:21.
Both teams continued to show an excellent performance in the second set - it was an even match on a high level. Both teams convinced by direct hits, were focussed and with a lot of self-confidence. The US coach Toshiaki Yoshida called a second time-out at 14:16 and this seemed to have given his team inspiration so that they took the lead to 19:17. Similar to the first set, the US girls showed more confidence towards the end and tough spikes. The US team finished the first set 25:23 thanks to a direct attack of Logan Tom.
The spectators saw a similar performance compared to the second set. Both teams showed first class volleyball skills. Thanks to the outstanding player Carolina Costagrande Argentina were able to take a 8:6 lead at the beginning of the set and was able to keep the lead to 13:10. However, the US girls found their way back into the match and scored 15:13. After exciting exchanges the continuity of the US team asserted itself and won the third set 25:21.
Argentine player Carolina Costagrande was with 15 points the best scorer of the match. Heather Bown topped the score on the US side.