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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

China beat Bulgaria 3-0 (25-22, 25-15, 25-19) - duration 1:07
06-Sep, start time: 16:00, end time: 17:07 - Attendance: 3,500
China faces less problems than expected to defeat Bulgaria
In the first match of the second round Pool F in Stuttgart, China took a relatively easy straight sets victory over Bulgaria. During the entire match, the Bulgarians did not find any effective answer against the hurricane attacks and strong defense of the Chinese team.
In the first set, the initial lead (5:2) of the Bulgarian team was equalised by the Chinese team. Both teams started the match with quick and variable attacks. China took their first lead only at 15-14 and that was the signal for the Asian Champion to really start the match. Thanks to some back row attacks of Zhao Ruirui, China extended the lead to three points. With a successful block, China finished the set winning 25-22.
China started the second set as the team of head coach Zhonghe Chen had finished the first one. With quick attacks and variable blocking, the Asian took a 8-3 lead. In the remainder of the set the Bulgarians did still not find a suitable answer against the quick attacks of the Chinese team. Even the Bulgarian star player Antonina Zetova was not able to score the points needed to catch up with the runners-up of the last World Championships. China had no major problems in this set and took a clear 25-15 win.
Also in the third set, the Bulgarian team did not succeed to block the quick Chinese attacks. China got easily in front (12-7) and was clearly superior in all game elements. Towards the end of the match, Bulgaria did not show resistance any longer. China won the set with 25-19, although the Eastern Europeans killed the first four Chinese match points.
With this victory, China is one step further to a place in the quarterfinal. The Asians can claim a spot among the Elile Eight by winning agains Puerto Rico on Saturday. Bulgaria will get another chance when the Bulgarians face Korea, another Asian opponent.
Ruirui Zhao of China and the Bulgarian attacker Antonia Zetova both were the best scorer with 17 points each.