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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Russia beat Italy 3-2 (25-18, 24-26, 25-17, 21-25, 15-13) - duration 1:50
06-Sep, start time: 18:30, end time: 20:20 - Attendance: 1,010
Russia again stronger than Italy
Russia is one step closer to the quarterfinal after defeating Italy in Pool E of the second round of the Women's Volleyball World Championship in Bremen with 3-2. It bwas already the fourth 3-2 victory that Russia took over Italy. Like in the 2001 European Championship final in Varna, Bulgaria, the team of head coach Nikolai Karpol was just stronger than the "Squadra Azzurra".
The Italians had a bad start and were 1-6 down at the beginning of the first set. The team of coach Marco Bonitta had problems with the hard attacks of Ekatarina Gamova and her teammates. It was Maunela Leggeri's block, that brought the Italians back into the game. Russia was stronger in all skills and didn't make any serious mistakes. The Italians lost the set 18-25 after Elisa Togut, who played very strong in the next part of the match, could not score an attack the ball after a bad setting of Eleonora Lo Bianco.
Things changed in the second set when the Italian team had a very good start and took the lead with 5-1 after a successful attack of Francesca Piccinni. Italy was still leading at 10-6. At the score of 18-14 Russia took its first time out. At the score of 21-21 the result of the set couldn't predicted. Encouraged and supported by the Italian fans in Bremen it was the Italian team that won the second set with 25-18.
In the third set it was again the Italian team with the better start. The Russian coach Karpol shouted and he only calmed down after his players took the lead at 16-11. At the end the Russian team was more successful with their powerful attacks and combinations (25-17).
The Italians didn't give up. They took a clear 8-1 lead in the fourth set, which they didn't give away anymore. Simona Rinieri's one block was successful and Italy won the fourth set 25-21.
The Russian team took a 4-0 lead in the decider. Italy didn't give up and although supported by the fans the Italian team lost the set with 13-15.
Ekaterina Gamova scored 23 points, while Simona Rinieri scored 19 points for Italy.