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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Cuba beat Greece 3-1 (19-25, 25-21, 25-15, 25-18) - duration 1:29
06-Sep, start time: 16:00, end time: 17:29 - Attendance: 805
Greece scares Cuba only in first set
World Championship novice Greece was no danger for titleholder Cuba in the first match of the second round of the Women's Volleyball World Championship in Bremen. The new formed team of the three time Olympic Champion was still sleeping in the first set, but won the match clearly with 3-1. Yumilka Ruiz made the last point of the match ball with an ace.
Regla Torres, who could not play very often at this World Championship due to her knee injury, for the first time played some points and was a support for the Cuban team.
World Championship rookie Greece impressed in the first set of the match against the titleholder, especially with their outstanding block. The Cuban attackers with their hard hits were blocked by the Greek one time after another. The players of Luis Felipe Calderon also made too many mistakes. Therefore Greece, who was trailing at 10-13, took the lead at 17-13, The Greece played - as announced by coach Dimitrios Floros - freely and without fear. The Greek team won the first set after a service mistake of Zoila Barros Fernandez with 25-19.
The World Champion of 1978, 1994 and 1998 had a better start in the beginning of the second set and took the lead with 8-5. The girls of the sugar island finally succeeded against the Greek block. The result was a 16-9 lead. Despite some disagreements, the players of captain Yumilka Ruiz was the superior team on court. It was Regla Torres, who finished the set to the 25-21 converting the sixth set ball.
The beginning of third set was equal. However the Greek were troubled by the attacks of Nancy Carillo de la Paz. In front of the Bremen spectators Cuba increased the lead to 23-15. Marta Sanchez killed the first set 25-15. In the fourth set, Cuba had no problems with the Greek team anymore and finally took the 3-1 victory.
Zoila Barros was with 19 points the best scorer, while Yumilka Ruiz added 17 points to her tournament total.