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Women's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Germany beat Czech. Republic 3-2 (25-20, 28-30, 25-22, 25-27, 15-13) - duration 2:16
30-Aug, start time: 16:35, end time: 18:51 - Attendance: 5,241
Germany defeats Czech Republic after a five sets thriller
Germany opened the 2002 World Championship at home with a nail biting match against Czech Republic. It took the team of head coach Hee Wan Lee five sets to get rid of the Czech team in a with 5,250 spectators packed Halle Muensterland here in Muenster, Germany. Although the German players seemed to be nervous, they decided the match in a fifth set tiebreak thriller.
At the start of the first set the Germans already had a few problems (2-4, 8-6). The Czech Republic showed a good performance and the match remained quite balanced (9-9, 14-14). But halfway through the first set, Germany gained a four-point lead and never gave this margin away anymore 25-20.
In the second set, the Czechs and the Germans led alternately - a very well-balanced game (7-8, 10-10, 16-14). The Czech Republic then extended their lead to 20-17. In a thrilling final phase the Czechs ultimately needed eight set points to win 30-28.
In the third set, the match remained nerve-wrecking. None of the teams could gain a decisive lead (8-6). Then the Czechs had a good run with the Germans suddenly losing confidence (15-10). But the hosts got back into the match, equalised to 16-16 and then never lost the lead winning the set 25-22.
The Czech Republic continued to play their game in the fourth set and was leading all the time (9-6, 16-14, 20-16) The Germans seemed to be nervous at some stages and managed to close the gap only at the end of the fourth set (20-20). The crowds cheered the German team to the first match point, but the Czechs remained unimpressed and won the set 27-25.
Both teams continued to fight for each point in the fifth set tiebreak, but without anyone gaining a lead. At 8-7 for the Czechs the sides were changed. The Czechs were leading 10-8 when the Germans came back, equalised at 11-11, took a two point leas and never gave this advantage away anymore.
On the German side, Angelina Gruen was with 24 points the best scorer. Czech attacker Helena Horka made for her team the same amount of points.