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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Portugal beat Poland 3-1 (25-22, 32-34, 25-20, 25-22) - duration 1:51
05-Oct, start time: 20:10, end time: 22:01 - Attendance: 2,850
Portugal surprising quarterfinalist
Portugal won the exciting second round clash against Poland during the 2002 Men's World Championship and added another victory to their record. Portugal wrote history getting through to the "Elite Eight" in their second World Championship appearance. The Portuguese victory also gave Russia a place in the quarterfinal, while Poland and Spain are eliminated.
The match between the Portugal and Poland was very tight at the beginning. Portugal set the pace with good defense, while Poland offered tough resistance with good blocking. Portugal took off at the end of the set and claimed the first set, mainly because the Portuguese opposite attacker Hugo Gaspar, who returned after being injured in the first round, played great volleyball.
At the beginning of the second set, the Polish coach Waldemar Wspanialy brought Sebastian Swiderski on the court. On the Portuguese side there was a brilliant performance by Carlos Teixeira, who was excellent in attack and reception. It got very exciting at the end. Polandl won the set with a record score of 34-32 and levelled the match,
Portugal dominated the first couple of points in the third set by improving its blocking. Although Poland played well, it was not enough to cope with the Portuguese regularity. Portugal, coached by the Cuban Juan Diaz, gained confidence and won the third set.
Portugal was gettign better and better after winning the third set. It gave the European team the confidence needed. Poland couldn't come back, so Portugal took the victory which was enough to book a place in the quarterfinal.
"We were in a good shape today and made fewer mistakes than in previous matches," Portuguese captain Ubirajaro Pereyra stated.
Hugo Gaspar of Portugal was the best scorer of the match with 22 points. The Polish attacker Pawel Papke scored 21 points.