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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Russia beat Tunisia 3-0 (25-19, 25-13, 25-23) - duration 1:10
01-Oct, start time: 20:45, end time: 21:55 - Attendance: 3,015
Russia in next round after straight sets victory over Tunisia
After losing the first two matches in the 2002 Men's World Championship, Russia was able to defeat Tunisia in the last Pool C match played at the Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires. Thanks to this straight sets victory, the Russian Rockets are qualified for the next round as one of the best third-ranked teams of the event.
Russia started the match playing very concentrated in its offensive game. Roman Iakovlev was with three points the most important player in spiking. Moreover, the Russian's reception allowed the European team to continue organizing its game very well. On the other hand, Khaled Belaid was the responsible to maintain Tunisia closely behind the opponent, with the four points he scored. But this was not enough to prevent Russia from winning the first set.
In the second set the Russians showed a more solid block and were efficient in spiking (75 % in this set). That allowed them to be six points up at the first technical time out (8-2). Tunisia seemed not to find the way and didn't show the same high level of others matches. Russia pressed with its serve and Roman Iakovlev (four points) and Sergei Tetioukhine (four points) did a great labor in the spike, that permitted the Europeans to get the second set in an easy way.
In the beginning of the third set Tunisia improved its reception (82% in this set) and Belaid continued spiking well (five points). After the first technical time out Russia made more efficient in its defense game. The Europeans adjusted its performance with its blocks and this was the key to permits them to win the match in three sets, although Tunisia came very close at the end of the match.
Tunisian Noureddine Hfaiedh was with 14 points the best scorer of the match. Roman Iakovlev and Pavel Abramov both made 11 points each on the Russian side.