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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Netherlands beat Czech. Republic 3-2 (15-25, 27-25, 25-19, 25-27, 15-11) - duration 2:00
30-Sep, start time: 15:40, end time: 17:40 - Attendance: 6,500
Netherlands in second round after tight win against Czech Republic
Netherlands are well on the way to the second round after they defeated the Czech Republic on Monday in their Pool F match in the Delmi Stadium of Salta in a match decided in the tiebreaker.
The "Flying Dutchmen" showed great determination and the teams delivered a thriller to the 6,500 spectators who attended the match.
The Czech Republic, now under the guidance of maestro coach Julio Velasco, played a tidy first set with compact teamwork, while the Dutch took some time to settle. The best scorers of the set were the Czech Dubs (4points),Platenik, Lebl and Novak (3 points each one).
The teams were evenly matched in the second set, trading points back and forth, but the Dutch turned up the aggression and took the set, helped by seven points from their outstanding player Richard Schuil.
The Netherlands greatly improved their reception percentage in the third set, while the Czechs began to crack, but only temporarily. The Czechs put up a passionate display in the fourth to stay in the match with Captain Ivo Dubs contributing six points.
The Netherlands was both aggressive and cool in the decider, enough to carry the match in their favor. The best scorers were Schuil (21 points) for The Netherlands and Ivo Dubs (15 points) for the Czech Republic.
The Netherlands play Cuba on the decisive final day of Pool Play. Cuba has won one match and lost their second, while Czech Republic play Greece, also with the same statistics.