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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Greece beat Cuba 3-0 (25-21, 25-21, 25-19) - duration 1:10
30-Sep, start time: 13:10, end time: 14:20 - Attendance: 4,200
Greece takes triumph against Cuba
After Greece lost the match against The Netherlands on Sunday, the Greek team bounced back and won the clash against the young team of Cuba in the Delmi Stadium of Salta. Greece improved its performance. Especially the diagonal attacks and kill blocks gave the Greek team the triumph. With this victory Greece showed that the formation still has a chance to proceed to the next round of this event. The Greek team showed another face, knew the tactic of the oponent and took theimportant victory in front of 4,200 spectators.
In the first set, both teams played the same level. Cuba wasn't as effective as one day earlier when the Cuban team defeated Czech Republic. The Cubans made many mistakes in attack and service and their block wasn't as clear as before. They faced a Greek team which improved their playing style, especially guided by Marios Gkiourdas (five points) and Nikolaos Roumeliotis (six points).
In the second set, Cuba still made mistakes in reception and attack.This helped the Greeks to built more confident, and these facts gave Greece the opportunity to stay in front on the match. The best scorers of the set were the Greeks Gkiourdas and Roumeliotis and the Cuban Aldazabal with 5 points each.
In the third set. Greece was much better, took an advantage of five points (16-11) and stayed in front till the end. In this set the Greek team attacked from all positions and took the first victory in this 24 teams event.
The best scorers of the match were the Greek Roumeliotis (18 points) and Cuban Tomas Aldazabal (15 points). Greece will face the Czech Republic and Tuesday, while Cuba will meet The Netherlands. Both Greece and Cuba have to win to be sure of participating in the next round.