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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Argentina beat China 3-1 (32-30, 25-19, 24-26, 25-21) - duration 1:55
30-Sep, start time: 21:10, end time: 23:05 - Attendance: 8,850
Argentina delight home crowd with key win
Argentina started the first set with four successive points, thanks to strong attacks by Alejandro Spajic through the center of the net. Marcos Milinkovic also showed himself very effective with outside hits, helping his team into the lead.
But the Asian side was able to take advantage of Argentina's unforced errors and poor reception and the play began to even out. Engaging in several exciting rallies, China stayed close on Argentina's heels, but ran out of time as the South Americans finally clinched the set.
In the second set, both teams lost important points with their service. But Argentina made the necessary adjustments and scored several aces, as Di Anhe's Chinese team struggled to resolve problems in defense, Milinkovic and Gaston Giani scored from the sides, while Jorge Elgueta powered through the central zone.
With a remarkable average efficiency (80%), Fei Lu scored four points for China but Elgueta's blocking action ensured Argentina secured the set.
In the third, China recovered thanks to the effective attacks of Miao Tang, who scored four points, and at times the Asian side even managed to take the lead.
Argentina dominated much of the set but China didn't give up. Thanks to the strong attacks through the center of the net, and the reception efficiency of its libero, Hui Chu (67%), China was able to even the score to 23-23. In a nail-biting finish, China finally took the set, forcing another session.
Early in the fourth, China began strong on the attack and Argentina's block failed to stop the Asian side's blistering assault. Shen Qiong played a crucial role for the Asians, scoring five points.
But Milinkovic's offensive play proved deciding in the second half of the set. The 2-meter team captain, who scored 22 points throughout the contest, managed to lift the home team into the lead, where it stayed until the Chinese yielded the match with a shot gone wide.
Portugal and Argentina both have four points, though the Portuguese leads the