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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Venezuela 3-0 (25-16, 26-24, 25-17) - duration 1:13
29-Sep, start time: 14:10, end time: 15:23 - Attendance: 4,000
Brazil inaugurated the Cordoba "Orfeo, Superdomo" Hall with a victory.
At the opening match in the city of Cordoba, Brazil got its first two points against Venezuela. A colorful Brazilian crowd supported the 2002 World League runner-up which had no real obstacles to win its first challenge.
The first part of the match was dominated by Brazil, the team that was better in all the skills. Brazil was always in front, mainly due to effective serve pressure and a reliable performance from its middle blockers. Venezuela attempted to get back in the match through points of opposite attacker Ernando Gomez. But this was not enough to win this South American battle. When Ronald Mendez got injured, it damaged the Venezuelan chances. With a clear gap, Brazil won the first set.
Venezuela adjusted both its serving and reception during the second set. The job of the Brazilian setter Mauricio Lima was complicated since the Venezuelans changed their game strategy and forced Brazilian reception problems due to great serves. However, Dante Amaral had a 100% attack efficiency. The second set development was even all the way through point 24. A Venezuelan serving mistake and an impressive Brazilian block allowed the South American Champion to win the second set.
The Brazilian coach Bernardo Rezende made two substitutions during the third set. Nalbert Bitencourt and Giovanni Gavio entered the court, while Dante Ameral and Gilberto Godoy Filho, better known as Giba, had to go to the bench. Brazil increased its playing momentum, serving effectiveness and blocking capabilities to finally close the match in its favor.
There was not much Venezuela could do. David Suarez team was overwhelmed by the Brazilian superiority.
At the end of the match Giba stated that it was fundamental to control the anxiety and to achieve a good performance on the serve.