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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Italy beat Canada 3-0 (25-20, 26-24, 25-17) - duration 1:13
01-Oct, start time: 18:10, end time: 19:23 - Attendance: 4,000
Italy recovers and is qualified for the Sweet Sixteen
Italy returned to the fast lane on Tuesday after their surprize defeat Monday by beating Canada in three sets (25-20, 26-24 and 25-17) at the Angel Malvicino Stadium in Santa Fe. This closes off their Pool "B" matches at the Volleyball World Championship Argentina 2002.
At the beginning of the first set, the defending title holders showed some of the samre deficiences that deprived them from the victory on the previous day and it was their own mistakes that allowed Canada to be ahead at the first technical timeout.Coach Andre Anastasi sent on Hristo Zlatanov for Giani, a good move by the Europeans and one that allowed them to take the lead. Zlatanov and opposite hitter Alessandro Fei were largely instrumental in allowing Italy victory in the first set.
Italy stayed in front in the second set, with the elegant setter Vermiglio taking profit from his middle players and a powerful contribution of Zlatanov that foiled the Canadian defense. Terence Martin was Canda's best playe rin the set, contributing 7 points. The Canadians block was more effective at the end of the set, but the Italians plied enough pressure to wrap it up in their favor.
Canadian Head coach DeRocco changed the two receivers but in spite of this, the Canadian attack still in the hands of Duerden. Bu then the match was all bu wrapped up. The Italians orchestrated the third set, pulling off a straight-sets victory which garantees their qualification to the second round.
Hristo Zlatanov was the best player of the match, scoring 21 points. In the mixed zone, he said: "I'm very happy with this victory, but now we have to win all the matches if we want to be champions". Paul Duerden scored 15 points for Canada.