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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Italy beat Croatia 3-0 (25-18, 25-20, 25-20) - duration 1:07
29-Sep, start time: 18:13, end time: 19:20 - Attendance: 5,500
Logical debut of the "Azzurro" team
Italy started its participation in the Volleyball World Championship Argentina 2002 without difficulties, by defeating the national team of Croatia in 3 sets (25-18,25-20 and 25-20 ) in front of 5.500 fans who packed the Angel Malvicino Stadium in the city of Santa Fe.
In the first set, Italy took a quick advantage in the score, due to the pressure from the service and the efficiency of its opposite Andrea Sartoretti (6 points). The reception of the Croatian team turned out to be defficient (32%), and this impacted directly in the attack. In this context, the Italians took the set comfortably.
The overpowering performance of the last World Champions became much more evident in the second. The setter Vermiglio exploited to a high degree the variations in attack of his team, capitalising on the limitations in the Croatian blocking system. The Italian service was determinant once again, now supported by the efficiency shown in the blocks and the number of mistakes made by its oponent (13). The differences became much clearer, and the score of the second set was never at stake.
Croatia made clear its intention of never giving up from the beginning of the third set. The setter Krnic gave more chances to his opposite Igor Omrcen (7 in the set), and his team marked slight differences. By the middle of the set, Italy took the leadership basing its performance in the receivers Giani and Papi (8 points for both). Andrea Anastasi's players closed thus a wonderful match, leaving them in an excellent position with their aim of getting to the top of pool B.
The best scorer of the match was the Croatian Omrcen with 15 points. Among the winners, Andrea Sartoretti scored 13 points.
In the mixed zone, head coach Anastasi said: "We still have things to better, but it is very important to start with a victory."