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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

Greece beat Portugal 3-2 (21-25, 25-20, 23-25, 25-21, 15-12) - duration 1:55
12-Oct, start time: 16:10, end time: 18:05 - Attendance: 3,500
Marios Gkiourdas (Captain GRE)"We are very happy because we finished the tournament with a victory. It was a very hard match. We are very satisfied with the result with our performance in the world championship because we were around the 30th team in the world and now we finished seventh."

Q: How did you feel the support of the crow and what do you expect for the next couple of years?
A "We enjoyed very much here in Argentina. Now we have two years for the Olympic Games and I think that the seventh position in this tournament gave us good chances to make a successful preparatory process for the Olympics."

Ubirajara Pereira (Captain POR) "I want to congratulate Greece. We knew that it was going to be a hard match because how the play. It was a good tournament for us, anyway we will continue training"

Juan Díaz (Head coach POR) " It was a good match. I think that the attitude of both teams was great. This is the second World Championship of Greece. They already passed to the Olympic Games. We are satisfied with our performance but we know that we can reach a better position. This was Portugal's first World Championship so I think that is a good result. This is a very good team so the only thing that we need it is more experience."

Q: Now that the World Championship finished for both teams, what do you think about the organization?
A: "We felt as well as when we came for the World League. I think the organization was very good. The Argentine people made a big effort for that. Here people likes volleyball and they know about it. They even congratulate their rival when they made a good play. We have a lot of support of the crowd and I would like to thanks them"

Stellios Prosalikas (Head coach GRE)" I would like to congratulate Portugal because it's a very strong team. They made a lot of progress in these two years. I am satisfied with the seventh position. Now we are very tired, we did a great effort to reach that. I also want to thanks all the people because they treated us like in our country"

Q: Now that the World Championship finished for both teams, what do you think about the organization?
A: "The people is very nice, the organization was good. Although we had some problems with the timetables, we had all what we needed"

Q: What are the surprises of this World Championship?
A: "The level was equaled. There are some teams like Greece and Portugal that have improved a lot. This modern teams has grown and now they are closer to the best teams"