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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

Russia beat Greece 3-0 (25-22, 25-22, 25-21) - duration 1:17
09-Oct, start time: 18:40, end time: 19:57 - Attendance: 4,040
Marios Gkiourdas (Captain GRE): "The Russians played better. We tried to put our best in our serve, but we couldn't do it".

Q: Why you can't find the way of tonight's match?
A: I think that the key that explain the lost is our poor serve. Russia took advantage of that".

Olikhver Rouslan (Captain RUS): "Fortunately we found our game and we managed to win this match".

Q: After the match you played against France you said: "I feel ashamed with our performance". What do you think now?
A: "At the beginning of the tournament all things were difficult for us. Now, things go better and actually we are in the semifinal. We are one of the best four teams".

Q: How do you explain the improvement on your game?
A: "I think that the coaches have to prepare teams like this so they can stand out the competition becomes difficult"

Q: If you could choose to play against Argentina or France which one would you choose? Does the crowd pressures you?
A: "I don't care which team I will face. We luck to play when the stadium is full. We played in front 20 thousand people and you all saw the result".

Guennadi Chipouline (Coach RUS): "I am happy with the result because the players reach their level step by step. Finally we could get out our psychological pressure. Thanks to the effort of the players. It was a very hard match the one that we faced today. We prepared a lot and all of you could see the results. It is nice to be one of the four best again. I also would like to mention the support of the crowd and of the Russian ambassador".

Q: Where would you put the emphasis for tomorrow's match?, Do you think the crowd will play an important role?
A: "We worked in the psychological and technical aspects. At first we could reach that, but we choose the players that played the World League final. We loved the Argentine crowd, how they are and how the media also support them".

Stellios Prosalikas (Coach GRE): "Congratulations for the Russian team because they played better than us. The played without errors and I think that was impossible to win if we make the quantity of errors that we made. I think that the key of the game was the Russian serve. The World Championship continues and we expect to finish in a better position than the 8th place.'